Experience elegant, town home and patio home living at Queen’s Harbor. With easy access to Kaliste Saloom and Verot School roads, Queen’s Harbor offers a peaceful lifestyle that’s just a quick drive away from everything Lafayette has to offer. The size of our homes, along with their minimal need for exterior upkeep, make Queen’s Harbor’s homes the perfect solution for those who wish for a simple yet beautiful lifestyle.

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Photos may not be from actual development but are comprable style.
Photos may not be from actual development but are comparable style.

Neighborhood Features

Prices, Sizes & Home Owners Fees

    • Patio Homes: 1,600 – over 2,300 sq ft, priced $225,000 – $350,000
    • Town homes: 1,566 – 1,965 sq ft, priced $185,000 – $250,000
    • HOA: $900 (includes cutting the front yard grass)
    • Town Homes Lot sizes: 0 Lot Line
    • Town Homes Lot prices: $26,000 – $36,000
    • Town Homes Minimum Square Footage: 1,566-1,956 sq ft.
    • Patio Homes Lot prices: $26,000 – $48,000
    • Patio Homes Minimum Square Footage: 1,600-2,300 sq ft.
    • HOA: $900 (includes cutting the front yard grass)

Utilities & Services

  • Utilities: LUS with Cable Available
  • Cable: Services Available

Nearby Schools

  • Plantation Elementary
  • Paul Breaux Middle
  • O. Comeaux High

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